If its most beautiful, I had to stop due to some commitments at home.
On Monday, it was time to say „good bye“ Asia.

I took flights from Chiang Mai over Bangkok over Duesseldorf to Stuttgart…

and enjoying jelly babys again!! Being back home after a long time – a
still not yet completed road trip in South-East Asia for almost two months.

First, I took a flight with AirAsia from Chiang Mai to Bangkok
Suvarnabhumi Airport (new) which is THE air transport hub for the
South-East-Asia region.

After changing planes there, the air hostess had German names and said
„guten Tag!“ („Hello“ in German language). So it was clear, that its
going home now. Did I liked this really?

A lot of European looking people were already sitting in the „2-4-2“ LTU
plane. Some of  them together with a Thai-woman. I talked to one of them
and she said , yes, its her first trip to Europe but no, its not just
for visiting, she will stay together with the Dutch man.

The plane’s captain introduced himself. The captain and the co-pilot
have the same family name. „Today, I will fly together with my
brother“, he said. The weather forecast for the flight was good, the
take-off weight was about 250 tons. He estimated the flight time from
Bangkok to Duesseldorf for 11 hours and 30mins.

Instead of demonstrating the safety precaution by flight attendant (like
usually) we got to see an animated movie on the LCD-screen.

I got really excited when the provisions were shown up. HARIBO gold
bears are on board! Missing something in Asia it’ll be gummy bears! 🙂

The last euros I had was a 50 EUR bill. I was told I couldn’t pay with
the bill since each hostess just has change worth 25 EUR.
So, where did their last flight come from?!
The couple sitting next to me had the same problem. The issue got solved
after 30 minutes. Additional, I got some Swiss white chocolate with nuts. Yummy!