since the end of october its enough from the togetherness in the car, now
its time to be the „real man on the motorbike“, to feel the completely
freedom, doing 100% what I want and beeing full responsible for this.

The trip from Chiang Mai to Pai was very imposingly to me. First time I
saw the Thai mountains and go up the serpentine, broad and new roads with
yellow  sign-postings embedded in the landscape composed of luscious green
color from palms, herbage and other tropical trees above 6 passes.

For having a bit of variety, I choose on the map a route which is offside
the main street H1095 through small villages whose inhabitant cant speek
any words english. But nevertheless I got everytime I want a Coke. At one
stop a man fixed the left mirror on my motorbike with a screw-wrench from
his scooter. In such situations, you learn how to communicatate without
Even its no problem beacause the thais are very friendly and helpful.
As I saw a snake on the road in a small village I was really happy to be
on the motorcycle…

Since the problems in Myanmar the thai police had set up checkpoints on
the roads. The pickup before me was stopped, I passed without beeing
stopped. Maybe I dont looked like a smuggler, or I was just too fast 🙂

Before I said to me: no more expanded nightlife like in Phnom Penh and
Chiang Mai. But I was wrong!

Here in Pai are some nice bars, clubs, restaurants and a lot of
travellers. Many from Israel. Pai seems to be the Malorca of Israel.

But today, I feel not for going out:
With Tip, a former military-officer and champion in motocross-race, we
drove 60km in 6 hours up and down extreme offraodto the mountains. really!

Have just a look on the pictures. We rode on small foodpathes in the
forest, empty rivers, and through a river full of water and, where even no
4×4 car can go. we also visited a village in the mountains for a whisky
with the natives.

I enjoyed the trip really, in spite of some crashes and taking a bath in
the river 🙂

I learned a lot and now I can handle for sure all upcoming roads in the
future on my trip trough the north of thailand. I know, what is possible
with this so-called dirt-bike (its a lot! I never expected before, what
you can do with a motor-bike, even though I have still a lot of experience
on street-roads.) and what not (e.g. stick in deep water 🙂  ).

Cats, Dogs, Cows and even Waterbuffalos can stand surprisedly after a
curve in the middle of the road. I had avoided a crash, stopped, get the
camera from my backpack, turned for taking the photo. But unfortunately,
the fat buffalo was not anymore standing in the middle of the road. Now he
looked angry, standing 3 meters in front of me on the side while I was
taking photos. But anyway, a funny picture!

The USV (uninterrupted power supply unit) under each computer in the
internetcaffee are beeping now, because of the power outage. the
internetconnection is still working! in pai the peoples seems to be
prepared well for that issue.

see you